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Updated: May 9, 2021

Hi friend!

So, per usual, I have completed another project! I am really enjoying sharing this with you and appreciate your support! For my recent project, I remodeled my closet and turns out it became kind of a tropical feel. Maybe this was an underlying style and maybe I did it on purpose! I do live in Florida and have a jungle behind me with the Tomoka river so maybe that style is pretty obvious to incorporate in the house!

So anyways, this closet was a disaster to say the least. I had this project in the back of my mind for 2 years and I FINALLY got around to it. I was able to make the space feel bigger, cleaner and take advantage of the space. I knew I had to get rid of that cedar plywood, which if I had to guess was installed (over drywall might I add) by someone who came from up north and had a bug problem in the past. Being in Florida has its advantages for sure!

Here are the befores and afters! Keep scrolling to see the process and learn about the cost, supplies and everything involved!




For the wood, I bought three 2x12x8 pine boards (all this means is that the thickness is 2 inches, the top width is 12 inches and the length is 8 feet). These were used as my shelves up top and the top of the built-in drawers. Each of these were about $13. I chose to do 2 bys instead of 1 bys because they were actually half the price and twice the strength! So no brainer. The wooden dowel was $13, it is 1 5/8inch x 8ft unfinished round wooden molding. The draws were three separate 1x12x10 pine boards, one for each of the drawers. I had to do the 1 bys because the 2 bys were too heavy to be a drawer. There was a box that I made for the drawer itself then an additional piece as the drawer front that was bigger. With the 10 foot boards, I only had about 2 inches or less scrap and in the end cost less that 8 foot ones. And all of these things were bought from Lowes.


The shelf brackets were $2 each and originally white so I painted them black instead of buying more expensive black ones. Always make sure you screw them into the studs of the wall to ensure they are supported by the frame work of the house!

The drawer slides were cheap and maybe not the best. I wouldn't use them for something that I opened more frequently or had more weight but these drawers just store my sweaters, scarfs and sweatshirts for the most part so I wasn't worried about it and wanted to save some money. They cost $45 for 6 pairs.

The handles I found on amazon. I knew I wanted to embrace the brass and wanted modern. I love black accents and found these that were perfect to incorporate both! For a pack of 10 (only used 6) they were only $25 and now I have extra to use for anything else I might do!

The hooks I got to hang my hats and that bag decor were from hobby lobby - combination of gold and black and each were $1.50-$2 at 50% off.

The lighting was also an amazon buy. It was rope lighting I lined completely on the inside of the trim of the door to make it brighter than just a single bulb that I replaced it with. The rope lighting plugged in, so I bought an adapter that plugs into a bulb socket and has the ability to have a couple of plugs. I bought two 10ft strings for $19 each.

All of these will be linked below!


The paint on the walls was "muted sage" in the Behr Marquee. This I had from painting previously.

The spray paint for the brackets was Rust-oleum flat black. Also had this already.

The stain was a three step combination - First I use a pre-stain, then Minwax Weathered Oak and then Minwax Early American. And bonus, had these too!

It's important to SAND the wood before staining so the stain stays consistent and adheres better! Then use a tack cloth and you're ready to stain!


The woven baskets are from Ikea, I got them in the clearance and put a few hats in the bottom one, for two= $12. The plant was from Hobby Lobby- 50% off =$10. The bag I actually found at an estate sale and paid less than $10 for!


This was one of my favorite and most drastic transformations I have done so far! The space is so calming, practical and pretty!

Thank you for being apart of this with me and to see even more check out my instagram page @jullieleanne!

Until next time

Happy snappin'!

-Just Julie


Drawer Slides:

Drawer Pulls:


Rope Lighting:

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