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"Tarpon Tours"

Updated: May 9, 2021

Hey there! Thanks for coming back for more! So yesterday was pretty sweet and exhausting! I'm spending the weekend in Tarpon Springs with my amazing boyfriend and his family and today was all about adventures. If you've been to Tarpon Springs, Fl, then you know that it's basically a slice of heaven on earth with its small town feel, relaxing beach vibes and sponges, that's right, sponges! In the early 20th century, the sponge business was booming on the west coast of Florida along with the Greek culture. Today it is more or less a culturally small town historic site. The town has so many unique businesses and supporting local small businesses is so important! Later throughout the day, we headed further south to Clearwater and stopped at a sweet little park named Wall Springs. To wrap up the day, we ended up at Clearwater Marine Aquarium and saw Winter the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale! Check out my pictures from all the excitement below!

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Happy snappin'!

-Just Julie

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