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Starting off "Write"

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Hey you!

So I'm starting to write a BLOG on my website here and finding out all the exciting things that come with that! It's a new year and I guess this is my subliminal and unintentional new years resolution. Things ya'll should know: I am too tall, too young, love animals and coffee and I'm too much of a crack up. I love laughing and age is a mindset, if we all stayed young at heart we'd never have a bad day again. As some of you know, if you read my bio, that I am a Photography student at UCF and I LOVE THAT! I love my classes, my classmates and the professors. But as most of you can relate, it becomes a bit overwhelming at times as well as self satisfying. I spend my days doing all the work that goes into the day-to-day college life such as assignments and that gets tiring! So my outlet, as well as my responsibility (and pleasure) is photography! I will shoot just about anything if it captures my eye. Of course, I can't ALWAYS take photos of the things I love, but when I do I pour all my attention into doing the very best that I can. I do enjoy traveling and nature. My passion field is landscape/editorial and when I travel I usually post my findings along the way. I also love interior type images as well as sweet families and everything that goes into taking those images! So I wanted to take the time to properly introduce myself and hopefully inspire those who have their passions that may be pushed to the side and overlooked at times, because it's important to keep our spirits up and create as much as possible!


Thanks for reading


Happy snappin'!

-Just Julie

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