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Got Bored, did some Batten

Updated: May 9, 2021

Well hello there you beautiful human you! I have missed your face! Thanks for tuning in! So, I know it has been a hot minute since I last posted a blog, but I have been very busy with all lot of creating and waiting for this very moment!

So, maybe something that you don't know about me is that I am very handy and LOVE to build things. Recently I have built some BOARD AND BATTEN (see my pun now) in my bathroom! I love to design and create and what other great way to incorporate that with something else I love than to photograph these projects!

I am thinking about putting all of my projects on here and maybe some insight into what went down with them? Yeah, you on BOARD yet? (; Ok, ok, I will TRY to keep the puns and dad jokes to a minimum, but no promises!)

So, if you check out the images that I have included in this post, you see some befores and afters of the whole thing! This project was a lot of fun and I loved doing it. I am very stubborn on doing things myself, like a petulant child (yes, yes I will work on that)...

Anyways the thought process all began when I found some really cool hangers for my towels at Hobby Lobby on the clearance shelf for $2 each! I thought, yunno my bathroom could use some sprucing up, and that is exactly what it got!

Keep scrolling to see the during images and all the materials used! This project was a lot of fun and I love that I can share it with you!



So, my drywall was not in good shape (which is why I did this, I am not a drywall expert AT ALL), so I bought some 4ft x 8ft finished lauan (loo-on) plywood for the bottom parts to cover the wall first. This was thin, easy to deal will and cheap - $25, and I only needed three pieces. This part is unneccessary if your drywall is in good shape. I measured how far up I wanted the board and batten to go since I wasn't doing the whole wall and cut the plywood to those measurements. It didn't matter that the plywood didn't go all the way to the floor because of the baseboard that later covered it.

I bought 1x4s ($6 each) for the top molding and the vertical pieces and 1x6s ($9) for the baseboard to give it a heavier look on the bottom.


I knew that I was doing this molding behind my sink, so for the paint I did a semi-gloss finish and that paint was just Valspar Signature white.

The top of the vanity is also the same with a little bit of polycrylic sealer (helps protect from water) and polyurethane has a yellow tint to it. I already had the paint but it's about $48 for a gallon. The top needed to be sanded as well, because it used to be a dresser I bought for $100! It had previously been sealed with the poly and had to be sanded off in order for the new paint to stick to it. Mid-project, I decided to paint the vanity black (which I already had- Valspar Black pepper in flat). I have a thing about matte black look, I feel that it makes more sense than a shiny black, but always do something that YOU like, not what I do! Before painting it, I used some 120 grit sandpaper to rough it up so the paint adheres better to the wood of the vanity.

The blue/green color on the walls was also Valspar Signature in eggshell sheen called Aloe. I bought a couple of samples to match to the color on the shower curtain and rug! I love color! The black vanity also tied more into the shower pan that I have in the shower, plus I love a good pop of black in a space. All of these supplies cost me under $200 when all was said and done and it completely transformed the space!

All in all, this project was so much fun and I wish I could do it all over again!! I really hope that this inspires you to create and innovate in your own way and if there is one thing that I couldn't say enough is that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!!


Thank you for being apart of this with me and to see even more check out my instagram page @jullieleanne!

Until next time

Happy snappin'

-Just Julie

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